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How to Dress Your Dog Up

How to Dress Your Dog Up

Dressing up dogs is no longer news. From casual wears to sophisticated outfits, many dog owners have taken canine fashion to an impressive all-time high.

As exciting as it would be to give your dog the swag it deserves, there are guidelines you need to follow for the safety and comfort of your beloved “man’s best friend”.

Overall, you have to consider two things before dressing up your dog. These two factors are:

  • Comfort
  • Safety

It pretty much comes down to asking yourself a few questions on comfort and safety for your beloved doggy friend.


Will my dog walk around easily wearing these clothes?

Could this shirt possibly choke my dogif I am not watching?

Do the clothes cover my dogs nostrils hence interfere with breathing?


If you have satisfactorily answered these questions, you are ready to follow the guide. And here we go

Best Practices for Dressing Up Your Pet

Follow this order:

  1. Prepare Your Dog for Clothes

Dogs aren’t humans who see clothes as normal things. Clothes are strange to dogs, hence you must take your time to get them mentally ready for clothes. For instance, you could introduce other clothed dogs to yours so it gets to see how beautiful it would become when clothed. Also allow it some time to play around with some clothes. This allows it to familiarize and get comfortable with clothes.

  1. Introduce the Clothes Gradually

It is not wise to suddenly grab your dog and try fitting it into a custom tuxedo and tie – a dog that has never worn any piece of clothing before! Not only will you succeed in getting the dog alarmed, you will also create chaos in the house when it begins to revolt against the strange material on its body.

So do it gradually. First of all, allow your dog to sniff the fabrics. Place the cloth on the dog for a while. Let it lie on the cloth or play with it. You can also put the cloth in your dog’s house.

After the dog has familiarized with the cloth over a couple of days; you may proceed with dressing it in that same cloth.

  1. Start With Simple Outfits

A dog that has never worn any clothes will be more receptive to tiny, lightweight pieces of fabrics than a complete costume.  So start off with a small collar or a festive bandana.

If your dog accepts these simple fabrics, gradually introduce even more sophisticated ones; again observing your dog’s body language. If it’s excited, carry on. But if your dog’s ears fall or you observe a gloom look, it’s probably a sign that you should remove excess clothes.

  1. Know the Limits

It is true you want your dog to have that iconic swag that distinguishes it from every other dog in the hood. Your dog might even love the celebrity attention it gets from strangers every time you give it some swag, but this does not in any way mean your dog should not have a “no shirt period”

Let your dog run around the house without clothes sometimes. Periodically, allow your canine friend to experience the bliss of a cool evening breeze on its hot fur.

In a Nutshell

This is pretty much the basics of what you need to know about dressing up a dog. Prepare your dog mentally and physically for the new experience. Gradually introduce clothes from the simplest fabrics to the most sophisticated costumes – always observing your dog’s reaction.


We wish you a happy doggy swagging!

What Makes Shoes an Important Accessory For Your Dog?

What Makes Shoes an Important Accessory For Your Dog?


Dog lovers have over the years taken a keen interest in buying the perfect merchandise and accessories for their pooch. With the wide range of collection to choose from they do not even shy away from spending a few dollars on their dog. However, for some dog owners, their beloved pooch does not really need a pair of shoes. They feel a pair of printed dog shoes are just for looks and really don’t have any benefits. This notion is not correct as shoes play an important role in your dog’s overall health and well being.


Below we are going to have a look at a few reasons that suggest shoes are an important accessory for your dog.


For Outdoor Activities

Do you love going out with your dog hiking, running, or just having fun out in the sun? Definitely, you would! So, if you take your dog out bare feet, then its time you buy a nice pair of shoes for him. The shoes would protect your dog from any sort of injury that might happen while you are enjoying with him outside. Buy shoes that will provide some extra protection to their feet and the areas between them. You can explore the different dog shoe options that are available online. Depending on the size of the feet of your dog and the style that would best suit him you can buy a nice shoe pair.


Keeping Cool During Summer

Having shoes on the feet of your lovely pooch when the temperature starts to rise in the summer months will make him feel comfortable. Also, having shoes on them will make the summertime adventures a lot more adventurous! There are a lot of printed dog shoes that are available these days especially online that are pretty light weight and will look great on your pooch. You can even look for waterproof shoes that will allow you to jump along with your dog in the pool to enjoy the summer weather and beat the heat! This would mean along with the protection, shoes would enable you to have some fun with your lovely pooch.


Protect the Aging Paws and Body

As dogs begin to age, their paws also begin to show signs of wear and tear. Also, with aging, dogs start to suffer from a few health related issues. Often veterinarians also suggest putting on shoes with extra cushioning in order to provide dogs with the needed support. Putting shoes on dogs that get old makes them healthier and happy. In all, shoes act as a protective gear for dogs and ensure they stay fit and go about their daily activities in a better way.


Protection Against Winter Chills

Shoes are extremely important for dogs, especially in the winter months. They protect your dog’s claws from the snow that can build up between the hair. With the temperatures dropping the same snow can get converted to ice that might hurt the webbing between the toes or scrape their pads. Buying a pair of dog shoes that protect your pooch from the harsh winter weather and enable him to walk comfortably on ice would be a wise investment. Going for shoes that have rubber soles will provide your dog the needed support and make them feel comfortable.


Keeping Home Clean and Tidy

Along with taking care of your lovely dog, shoes also benefit you in a way by keeping your home clean. Houses that are built with hardwood floors or any other form of scratchable floor coverings can get damaged by the nails of a few dogs. In order to avoid such a situation, it is advisable to put on a nice pair of printed dog shoes on your pooch. Not only will your dog feel comfortable, but the shoes would also keep the flooring of your home in the best possible condition.


Summing Up

After having a read through the above points, you would definitely want to invest in buying a new pair of shoes for your lovely pooch. This is an investment that will benefit your dog in the long run and take good care of his feet and overall well being.

Why You Should Dress Up Your Pet?

Why You Should Dress Up Your Pet?

Our pets are like our family members and we just can’t differentiate them from all the people we love. Those who have a pet at their homes understand that it’s similar to having a kid at home all the time. They’re fun and the unconditional love that they shower on us is simply incomparable. In return, they just want us to love them and take care of them like our loved ones. We can do all kinds of things with our dogs that we do with humans, like going for a walk with them, showing them love through hugging or kissing, playing with them, offering them food and water, and even dressing them.


You might think that dressing your dog or cat isn’t always a good choice; but why to deprive your only friend of the stylish dog jumpsuits out there. If you are looking for a few more reasons to get good clothing for your dog, then read on…

  1. Clothes allow your pet to show off his/her personality: the way we dress says a lot about our personalities and your pet can do the same with his/her stylish clothes. For female pets you can go for some subtle colors that are classy and cheerful and for male pets you can opt for something bold and welcoming.
  2. Now, you are wearing clothes and your pet wants to do the same: You are getting ready for the party and wearing a beautiful dress or suit. Seeing this, your dog might be thinking of doing the same. I know I am making an assumption, but this can be true as our pets are already following us wherever we go. They basically do what we do and clothing is one of those things. So, why don’t you get a funky clothing set and make their dream come true.
  3. It might be cold outside: If not in summers, then at least in winters you should get your dog something warm and comfy to wear like a stylish dog jumpsuit. Very low temperatures could harm the fur of your pet and they might catch cold. Even when you take them for a walk in cold weather, their feet, ears and tail will experience extreme temperature that can be harmful for the pet in various ways. So, why to even take a chance; it’s true that your dog has fur but winter is coming and he needs protection too.
  4. Your pet wants to be the center of attention: Ever pet loves being pampered and excess of it is never bad. When you go out with your pet, he/she wants other humans to interact with him and a cool dressing is the most amazing way to get that done. In attractive clothes, your pet is sure to receive tons of attention from anyone he comes across. Don’t let your pet miss this amazing opportunity to get some extra pat on his head.
  5. Let them enjoy some variety in a routine: Your dog follows a particular routine each and every day and don’t you think it’s a bit monotonous; maybe not for the dog but for you. So, why don’t you add a distinctive factor in their daily routine like a good dress? You can easily spice up the day of your pet and let him/her stand out from the rest just by dressing in some voguish pet clothes. This way he will also relish the newness.
  6. The new outfit will keep your pet busy: What worse can happen with buying pet clothes is that he/she doesn’t like it. But with pets this is also not an issue, as if not clothing, then a dress can be a good chew toy too. No one would mind this, as all you want for your pet is that he/she should be happy anyway. A new chew toy would definitely keep your pet busy for a few days at least.

I think you’re convinced now and if not, then check out some stylish dog jumpsuits at DoggySwag. Once you see the collection, you won’t be able to stop yourself from buying them. Explore our funky yet cool pet’s clothing now.

How to know when your dog needs shoes?

How to know when your dog needs shoes?

As humans, we can’t imagine ourselves stepping outside our homes without shoes. There’s no denying to the fact that for the protection of our feet and comfort shoes are very necessary. Not just adults, but even human babies wear adorable shoes or little booties. But, in the case of dogs, this is not normal, as they usually don’t wear shoes when going out.

If you too want to get the answer if you should get those stylish printed dog shoes you just saw online for your dog or not, then this blog is for you. Here you can find out what’s best for your dog – shoes or no shoes. Let’s start.

  1. First, you need to understand your dog paws: As a dog owner, you should take some time and try to understand how sensitive the paws of your dog are. Dog paws have an extra cushioning in order to protect the joints and bones from any shock and to provide insulation against extreme temperatures. They also help him in walking on any rough surface and even offer protection to the tissues deep within the paws. Any dog owner must check the paws of their dogs on a regular basis and ensure that they are infection-free and foreign objects like glass and rock aren’t stuck.
    Usually, there isn’t much difference in the sensitivity of the paws of dogs of different breeds, but the dogs who spend more time on rough surfaces have paws that have less sensitive pads. If your dog has hard paws, then this means that his paws are more sensitive.
  1. Look for paw irritation: If you want to know that dog is actually having pain due to his paws, then you should look for any type of paw irritation and discomfort. If your pet is having paw pad burns, then he will refuse to walk and might limp. Such dogs have paws having a peeled or blistered top layer. Also, your pet might be licking his/her paw pads too much that could cause secondary infections. Keep checking for any cracks and redness between the toes. In case you found any wound then it is suggested that you clean it with an antibacterial wash and even consult with the vet if needed.
  1. When does your pet need shoes?: You need to consider the weather in your city in your locality in order to find out if your dog needs shoes or not. When you are taking your dog out check on what type of surface he walks on a usual basis. There might be broken glass pieces or rocks on the street that could lead to cut in your dog’s paws. Dog boots are generally popular for the winter season, but if you think that even in summers the roads around your locality aren’t safe for walking your dog, then get one pair for summers too.
    In winters the surfaces are extremely cold and if you ignore it, then your dog’s paws might get blisters or infection. A pair of printed dog shoes is definitely a good idea for winters. Also, you should wash the paws in warm water to rinse away any impurities.
    For summers you want to protect your dog from hot surfaces and this can be done by applying Vaseline on the paws. This way you can prevent any burns or blisters when your dog walks on hot pavement or sand.
    The age of a dog is also a fact that helps in deciding if your dog needs shoes or not. For example, senior dogs having arthritis needs shoes because they have a slow gait and need extra protection from extreme temperatures.
  1. Extra paw protection: You shouldn’t think that because you have got shoes for your dog, your job is done. You should get a good pad moisturizer to treat the dry and cracked paws. A vaseline is also a good option for this. Don’t use moisturizers in excessive amounts and avoid using human hand moisturizers, as these will make the pads extra soft and this way paws are more susceptible to injuries.
    Add paw massage in your dog’s routine; all you have to do is rub between the pads on the bottom of the paw. This will not only relax your dog but will also promote better blood circulation in his body.

For shoes, you can get a pair of all-season shoes that will work well in any season and offer extra comfort. You can find a stylish pair online at Doggyswagla. They have a wide variety of printed dog shoes that will not only protect his paws but will create a style statement for him. The best part is that price is very cost-effective and after looking at the collection you would want to buy all of them.


Top Dog Cloth Designs from The World’s Biggest Fashion Brands

Top Dog Cloth Designs from The World’s Biggest Fashion Brands

The frenzy of fashion weeks all over the world tells a lot about the effort brands put in to stay ahead of the fashion game. Each event welcomes a new wave of impressive styles which often trend hours or days later.

Keeping this in mind, it is easy to forget that these brands do not create awe-inspiring designs for humans alone. In fact, some of the world’s high-end brands do for dogs the same fashion magic they do for humans.

From Gucci to Louis Vuitton, there are many fashion brands that are ready to give your pup a celebrity look if you can afford it. To give your dog the style it deserves, here’s a list of classy doggy wears from the world’s leading brand that you might want to consider:


Gucci Dog Carrier

This is simply a dog carrier but by no means ordinary. This Gucci’s highly luxurious is nothing less than a carriage of celebrity-style swag for your canine friend every time you step out of the house. It is ideal for both long and short travels, and costs an interesting $2,600.

Frida Firenze Waste Bag carrier

You no longer have to pick up dog poop in an obnoxious container, neither do people have to identify the carrier. Coated in gold, it is easy for people to think your dog’s poop carrier is some sort of fancy bauble or exotic jewelry. It will cost you some $172, but it will give your dog the glamour it deserves. Hey. People wouldn’t even remember that your dog poops, and even if they do, its poop will be perceived as some “classy poop”

Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier

When you spend $2,690 on a dog carrier, you expect nothing less than the best quality and class out there. Interestingly, Louis Vuitton does no disappoint. At a first glance, no one would imagine the carrier was designed for a dog. Think about the amazement that will sweep people’s faces each time your canine buddy makes a grand appearance from the expensive fabrics of a world class brand. Only one word describes it – swag!

Ralph Lauren Dog Trench Coat

For dog owners who are not used to dressing up their dogs, it is quite simple to come to terms with the fact that there are hoods and bandanas designed specifically for dogs. But to think that there is a canine version of the classic trench coat is no doubt an impressive surprise. At just about $65, the brand gives your dog the swag of a western cowboy, which never gets out of vogue!


Barneys Le Roar Dog Bed

This round-shaped bed with dog silhouette imprints was designed to give your dog the nap of a lifetime every morning, noon and night. Whether you are looking at getting a bed for your dog’s house or a sofa-like fabric on which it can recline with you on a jolly good Sunday afternoon, this bed can serve the purpose, and it comes at $275. Fair price for a great doggy swag bed!


What next?

Are you ready to spoil your dog a little? Feel free to go for the classiest dog apparels from the world’s biggest fashion brands. Doggy swag doesn’t get any bigger!